We hear from Veronika, She is one of our wonderful tots stay and play volunteers and is involved in our stay and play wats app group led by Natasha Greenaway. She is also a mother whose children who attend enact projects. We hear her first hand experience being at enact.
‘I volunteered at the tots stay and play session. It was an excellent opportunity and a experience for me. I really enjoyed helping out, seeing many families with children to grow and to be part of this community. I’ve also gained new knowledge and skills through ENACT courses which I’m very grateful for.
My children really enjoy ENACT, they are working really hard to accommodate all children any ages and their needs. Especially now, during Covid crises there are still in touch, helping us to get through this challenging time. We absolutely loved doing jigsaw together as a family during half term in February, provided to us be ENACT. Thank you for being there for us.’
Thank you Veronika for these kind works, we are always looking at how we adapt to challenges around us and how to best support the community. The main way we try to do this is listening to the needs of the community. We do this from evaluations, involving volunteers and staff with planning sessions and asking the community what can we do to help support you.

We have been doing walk and talk with young people and have found that it has been hugely beneficial to start building relationships. The benefit of walking, training a dog, speaking to an appropriate adult helps with so many personal and social skills. Another reason why Veronika feels comfortable allowing her child to have some of her time and space. This is so important for young people more now than ever.

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