Interview with Harsh

Ever wanted to hear from a young person at enact? Harsh has been coming to enact since he was 5! He is now 16 and given us a quick interview about his time at enact! Take it away Harsh!

My name is Harsh and I have attended enact since I was 5 years old, I have attended kids club and am now a regular face at enact youth.

Enact has helped me with building my confidence and I have found it a great place to make friends. I would advise other young people to attend as it’s a great place to learn new skills, make friends and have a space where you can be a young person and have a good time. I really enjoy coming to enact as I have many friends and it’s a safe environment with a supportive team. I am really looking forward to coming out of lockdown and attending more sessions at enact and I hope we can go on more trips and do lots more activities.

One example of how enact has helped me is by taking the time and effort to help me to apply for a car mechanics apprenticeship. Danny met with me via zoom and in person to go through and help me with the application, this support really helped me to complete the application. I felt supported throughout and it shows that enact care about young people and their futures.


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