Do you ever think about the things that went well? Here at enact we do and it is something that we should continue to do even as adults!

Have you ever thought why we should learn to celebrate success?  As a team we thought about this question and this is what we think and informs our ideas and planning. 

  1. To Feel Good – One of the best reasons to celebrate success is simply that it feels good! We are driven to make changes in our lives because we want to feel better and be happier.  
  2. To Learn Confidence – to recognise what is working well, and why it worked!  We can learn how to be successful consistently and be confident in our ability rather than because of a lucky day! 
  3. To Learn from our Mistakes – We will all make mistakes, that is guaranteed.  If we’ve learnt to celebrate success, a mistake won’t turn into shame, we’ll see what was good and what we could do differently, and then try again! 
  4. To Believe – By focussing on what we have accomplished, rather than a long list of what we’ve still got to do, we start to believe. By telling yourself, ‘I can succeed because I’ve succeeded before’ you build up your self-belief.  
  5. To Share – Celebrating success isn’t just about you! It can also give others the chance to join in with your celebration and be motivated to make changes of their own. 

We celebrate because it is so easy to think of the negatives… why is that! We should be practising to celebrate all the things that make us feel good.

Celebrating Success at enact could be as simple as being proud of a snack you’ve cooked, or as big as standing on a stage in front of a crowd.  It might be telling your group about something you’ve done at school or in a sports club.  It might be receiving points for being kind, or that personal pride that you dealt with a problem without a fight.  It might be something you only share with an enact worker, or something you shout about in a group time. 

Celebrating Success won’t just be about you!  Learning to celebrate other people’s success is a great way to practise empathy and compassion for others!

It is amazing how good it feels to celebrate an achievement someone else recognises in you, and there is a sure way of others recognising your successes…. Celebrate theirs!  

We want everyone who is part of Enact to be involved in celebrating success, whether that is your own, someone else’s or both! The next time you see someone else succeeding, try celebrating with them. It could be as simple as saying “well-done”! 

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