Enact youth runs provisions for 10-19 year olds in Enfield Island village.

We run specific 10-14 project’s and a 14-19 project’s and provide¬†opportunities to do outdoor¬†activities during half term breaks!

It is important to mention that all activities are tailored to be age appropriate. This is all aimed at personal and social development of young people and understanding the transition of child to teenager to young adult. We pride ourselves on open access provision however have we have adapted accordingly in regards to the National Youth Agency and Oasis updates due to the covid pandemic.


Below is a snapshot of the activities we have offered from 2019-2021. If there is anything you would like to do, get involved in or have any ideas to contribute to what you would like to see here at enact please get in touch.


Sessions are always focused on young people and their needs and is young person led. Youth work is informal learning and our engagement is focused on providing a safe place and developing life skills. We ensure that young people are aware of our expectations but also exploring young peoples expectations.

Such examples of previous sessions have included cooking, health and wellbeing, understanding emotions, mentoring and small group work.

10-14 Project:
With this age group we focus on key life skills which they will take forward as they become a teenager. We look at internet safety as well as how to keep yourself safe when out and about. We also do a lot of work around healthy eating and the importance of being active, being healthy and being happy.

14-19 Projects: We look at mental health and the importance of taking care of yourself. We also focus on being healthy and making good food and lifestyle choices. We are always looking to get our young people more active and do this through our run club, football, meant for more resilience and boxing sessions.

Here are some examples of projects we have done at enact with youth:

Enact run club Summer 2020-2021 : Running up to 5K per session, introduction to mindfulness, focus on health and wellbeing and what we eat! This is ran by youth volunteers who bring their own area of expertise to enact! We also provided trainers, lunchboxes and personalised running jackets for young people.

Cook @ enact : Young people came to enact and learn how to prep and create meals. They learnt the importance of kitchen safety and how use kitchen equipment correctly. Sessions ran from 2020-2021. If this is something you would like to do please get in touch!

Online mentoring and walk and talk mentoring which happened during 2020-2021: This gave young people the support of a youth worker during lockdown. An example of how young people benefitted to have time with a youth worker was to get help with job or education applications.

Covid youth support sessions (Jan-April 2021):This small group session took place during the second lockdown. It provided young people with a space but also gave them the opportunity to learn about how to stay safe during the pandemic. Young people were explained in a youth friendly way why it was important to follow the guidelines.

Youth space :This session is for young people to have a space, we have table tennis and pool as well as small group activities where young people will work in a small group to talk about an issue that affects them or to have a discussion about a chosen interest or topic.

To find out more about the projects or if you want to get involved send us a text or give us a phonecall… Contact: Manju (Team Lead, JNC qualified youth worker) on 07814294455.