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Manju Jnagal

Team Leader

Hi everyone, I joined the team in the summer of 2019 and it’s been quite a journey. I have 15+ years’ experience in youth work and developing new provisions for young people all over the UK and Italy!
I have spent most of my career listening to the needs of young people and developing exciting projects where young people feel safe to grow. I love residential work where you take young people for a week to an outdoor activity centre and get them to try new things! My hope is to bring that experience and holiday provision to enact. I look forward to meeting you all.

Natasha Greenaway

Children and Families Lead

I have been working at enact since June 2019 as a Children and Families Community Worker. Ive always worked with children and families in different roles but my background is family support and social care.

I really enjoy working at enact and I find it is quite a unique community organisation in that it runs provisions that the whole community can enjoy and benefit from. I work with such a lovely diverse community of children and families and I love being part of something special. The location of enact is wonderful as it is surrounded by beautiful wildlife spaces and nature walks and getting out into nature is one of my favourite things to do.

Emmanuel Mukungu

Childrens Practitioner

My name is Emmanuel , I have worked with children’s for over two years. I’m all about having fun however what drives me the most is seeing kids exceed their potential. I believe that providing kids with the right support and guidance can have a huge impact on their growth as an individual. I’m enjoying my time at enact so far and I hope I can leave a lasting impression on you all.


Sessional Youth Worker

I started working at enact January 2020 and I enjoy working at enact because of the young people. Some hobbies of mine include mountaineering and Climbing, I hope to introduce young people to the outdoors/nature and get them really excited about it through youth work. I am a youth worker because I like to help young people out and make a difference in their lives. I too was a person who benefitted from youth services as a young person and it changed my life!


enact admin support

Josie joined the team mid 2020 and has been crucial in our admin support.

Cecil Gordon

Sessional youth worker

I Work at Enact because of the Values it stands for! It's a place for young people to go to to learn skills and be in safe place where they are not Judged. They can access Information be it Work/Educational related, or learning about life and going on experiences! enact is a place where young people get to meet peers from other Cultures and backgrounds. Young people here get to go out on Trips and Residentials and it is here that as part of their transition, to learn to Work and get ready for their Journey ahead. Stay Safe all! Cecil.

Sri Devi

Kids Club sessional worker

I am originally from India, living in this neighbourhood since 2017. When I found out Enact working with community children, youth and families, without any further delay I expressed my interest to volunteer which I started from the summer of 2019. I was truly inspired by enact.
Today I work as a sessional worker for Enact contributing my time and my skill and abilities to see the little children blossom into confident youth.
Previously I was working in the school as a support staff, I am comfortable working alongside children and enjoy a relaxed time doing puzzles, playing a game or even colouring a pic. It feels like treasuring my own childhood.

Alyanna Miller

Kids club sessional

Hi, I'm Alyanna! I've been working as a children's worker at enact for a year. I love finding fun things to do with children like playing games, making obstacle courses, playing table tennis, and reading stories. I enjoy working at enact because the staff team are great, I love the different activities we do, I think enact has great values and I love how welcoming enact is to everyone. Some of my hobbies include yoga, dancing, listening to music, spending time with my family and friends, playing games and going for walks. One of my favourite things to do is to explore the world and I was lucky enough to live in Australia for a year.
I look forward to seeing you at enact!


Kids Club sessional

My name is Michelle, I have 2 children, I've worked in childcare for over 10 years and I'm passionate about supporting children and young people be the best versions of themselves and believe in who they are and what they want to be without no barriers in their way.
I love being part of Enact, looking after children to support parents/carers and working within a community. I really enjoy getting to know the regular children and families that would come and have built some lovely positive relationships, making them feel welcome and comfortable with their surroundings. I really enjoy what we do to give the young people high hopes for their future.

Job vacancies

Youth Sessional/Youth sessional in Charge
Zero hour contract
Salary: £9-£15 per hour dependant on experience
Supporting and leading age appropriate provisions for 10-14’s and 14-19’s
Evening, after school provisions and holiday provisions
Enact provides suitable training and supervision with qualified youth work staff.
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