Youth worker to Youth worker, Manju asks a fellow colleague Ashley about his experience, some projects he’s working on and why youth work is so crucial. Through partnership work with Oasis UK, Ashley and Manju have consistently met for outreach during lockdown, During this time they have built a strong working relationship which is enabling more change and more collaborative working.

Hi Ashley, how are you doing… why don’t you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hey hey,  I am great thank you! My name is Ash  I am a proud father, brother, guide and servant to many. I am a youth worker based at Oasis hub Hadley, a mentor at Oasis Hadley and Oasis Enfield and lead at community interest company Meant for more hub overseeing a small team of likeminded and driven people.

Overall as a person I am young person, black community and local community focussed who believes in empowerment and kindness and considers himself myself an ‘optimistic realist’

So tell us about this Thursday project ‘meant for more- resilience project’ you have been working at? 

The project, which I must say is an amazing one supported and alongside Enact is all about Wellbeing, encouraging mindfulness and improving resilience! This is communicated through 1) Mentoring and discussions 2) fitness and movement 3) nutrition

I and others identified a real need with our young people though the work we do and our experiences, we felt that if we could boost young people with a focus on those 3 things then we could strengthen them from the inside out!

Meant for more hub and Enact Community have partnered to run this programme which has proved crucial to the lives and minds of the yps we have engaged but also identified the need for programmes like this as its proved really popular and productive especially throughout the lockdown period!

How long have you worked with Oasis Hub Hadley and what do you love about it?

I have worked at Oasis hub hadley for nearly 10 years now starting from volunteering in youth sessions and mentoring to full time youth and community worker!!

I without doubt love the most the young people I am lucky to come into contact with, witness their growth and development!! I have to say though they have equipped and assisted me with the support I’ve needed to be a better youth worker and person

Why is youth work important to you?

So many reasons but if I was to choose a couple they would be firstly I feel we all need someone around us who cares for us and willing to support us through moments in our lives. To be real youth work is hugely important to the young people and the community which is also my community. So a better them is a better me is a better us.

I also know what it was like to feel alone or lost in a the world feeling like you don’t have options or opportunity to be the best you or even just live and on the flip side I am aware of the feeling of having someone willing to support your journey!

Why don’t all young people know about youth workers and how do we proactively try to change this?

I think it comes down to awareness for this type of support. It is no doubt something that should be supported and encouraged from a local authority, community or school perspective as these are the constants usually in young peoples lives, plus more promotion from the youth organisations that are already available.

We at Oasis and those at Enact proactively engage in our communities via outreach and other methods making them aware of our presence and provisions which is crucial!

How would you describe what a youth worker does?

We engage, support and empower young people through methods that they can relate with. We aim to provide a space for young people to be comfortable being themselves, learn and grow.

What advise would you give to young people right now, knowing that we still are in a pandemic?

We are all aware of the current climate so I won’t push the need to be physically healthy as this is spoke of daily but I will for sure and always highlight the need to do whatever is needed to support good mental health and wellbeing. Check out local support networks if needed like Enact community like Oasis hub Hadley and hopefully we can support you through these mad times and going forward.

Check out this video from our outreach! Check out Ashley on the @OasisHub Hadley and @ashyouthsupport Instagram pages.


Meant for more is a community interest company aimed at youth and community support/empowerment. @meantformorehub
Bred out of love for all things youth related..
Some of the things we aim to do are
  •  One to one mentoring support
  • Community workshops/activities
  • Partnerships with individuals and communities to build from within
Purpose: support to empower by providing stability to opportunities
Hopes: that those we support go on to do the same for others and become stronger in mind and actively kind as individuals and part of a community.
Love and light,

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